Steve Wozniak by Gage Skidmore 3 (cropped)

Steve Wozniak

The eponymous ‘Woz’, Steve Wozniak is one of the most famous inventors from the computer age. The 1976 business partner of Steve Jobs and co-founder of Apple, Steve is a pioneer of the PC revolution as he developed the Apple I and Apple II into one of the most-successful microcomputers of all time. Following his time at Apple, Steve created the first programmable universal remote at CL 9, holds 4 Apple patents and works in the philanthropic educational space today.

As one of the world’s most desirable technology keynote speakers, Steve has received numerous awards, 10 honorary Engineering degrees and personally funded a wide range of projects including his purported space debris-clearing venture with Apple-alumnus, Alex Fielding called Privateer Space.

Steve is ideal for professional audiences in the tech, business and entrepreneurial spaces. And his iconic success story is one that enthrals and inspires STEM minds across the globe. His commitment to charity is inspirational and time-tested through his philanthropic work and history of sacrifice, including offering $10m of personal stock to founding Apple employees and current support for the Right to Repair campaign.

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