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Kelsey Hightower

Tech engineer for Google Cloud Platform, open source code expert, Kubernetes pioneer, global keynote speaker, tech author
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From 2015-2023 Kelsey Hightower was the driving force behind some of Google’s most cutting-edge and revolutionary software – including Google Cloud Platform. 

The Californian-born tech engineer is a highly respected, hugely in-demand speaker and has shared his expertise with some of America’s most high profile businesses.

Kelsey has worked with famous companies in the Fortune 1000 helping them grow by harnessing the power of Google’s platforms, along with other pioneering technology.

Few people can match Kelsey’s expertise of Kubernetes, an essential system relied upon by thousands of developers and companies to ensure apps run smoothly and efficiently. 

He has become a distinguished speaker on the subject and is also one the world’s most respected faces in cloud computing and open-source software where code is made publicly accessible.

Kelsey has described the process of creating good software as “emotional”. 

He set up Google’s Empathetic Engineering practice which allowed employees at Google Cloud Platform to get a better sense of what it’s like for customers to work with their technology.

Kelsey changed the roadmap of modern computing through his work with CoreOS, Kubernetes and Google and and is perfectly placed predict where that road may lead in the years ahead.

He is also a published author of the book ‘Kubernetes: Up and Running’

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