Jean Claude Juncker keynote speakera

Jean-Claude Juncker

Former President of the European Commission, Former Luxembourg Prime Minister, Keynote Speaker, Political Speaker

Jean-Claude Juncker’s formidable political career makes him one of the longest-serving democratically-elected leaders in the world. And his time in government as the former Prime Minister for Luxembourg and the 12th President of the European Commission saw him leading on the financial crisis recovery in the EU. He also supported in the response to the EU terrorist attacks and navigating the choppy waters of Brexit. Additionally, Jean-Claude is a staunch unionist and stands firm in his belief that the EU should unite to solve our common modern challenges.

Jean-Claude is largely pro-business. He is the father of the Euro single currency and Luxembourg is one of the most attractive tax locales in the EU. His potent mix of economic and social policies plus a background in law was largely viewed favourably. Jean-Claude has been awarded more than 20 national honours from countries across the globe and several dozen academic awards & doctorates. As a speaker, he is calm and knowledgeable with real-world examples to draw on that guide policy and national dialogues worldwide.

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