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Claudia Olsson

Leading expert, advises businesses on navigating the evolving digital landscape and future-proofing the workforce through her acclaimed insights on technology, leadership, and digital upskilling
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Claudia Olsson predicts the impact of technology in the workplace and shows businesses how to harness innovation to survive and thrive.

As a sought-after keynote speaker with an impressive background in economics and engineering Claudia knows how to future-proof the world of work. With robots the new normal – both physically and virtually – the global workforce is moving online which has a major impact for every business. Claudia’s expert knowledge of leadership means she can spot important employment trends businesses should consider to attract future talent.

Any company unsure about how to embrace the pace of the rapidly evolving digital world should look no further than Claudia. Her track record says it all.

Claudia was appointed Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and is founder of global education company Stellar Capacity.

Her company specializes in digital upskilling to prepare leaders for a future where “humans become more digital and digital becomes more human”, she says.And in a world changed forever by the Covid-19 pandemic Claudia says finding the balance between virtual and in-office work will define tomorrow’s winners.

Claudia is frequently recognized as one of Sweden’s top young business talents and has been awarded a string of honours.They include European Young Leader by Friends of Europe, The Young Leader of the year in Sweden and a Leader of the Next Generation by the Stars Foundation.

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