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Christian Horner OBE

Heptathlete, Olympic Gold Medallist, Sports Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Celebrity Speaker, After Dinner Speaker

The inspirational achievements of Christian Horner in the high-speed business of Formula 1 motor racing are what make him such a sought-after keynote speaker. Aged just 32 when he took charge of Red Bull Racing in 2005, he was by far the youngest team boss on the F1 circuit. Few thought he would survive, let alone prosper, in this cut-throat world where fortunes are made and lost on the spin of a tyre. The doubters were soon silenced. 

Born in 1973, in Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire,  Christian Horner had motoring in his blood from birth. His father and grandfather both worked in the motor industry. The city of Coventry, then the heart of British car manufacturing, lies only just up the road (Horner is an avid Coventry City football fan.) To the south, barely an hour’s drive away, is the famous Grand Prix racetrack of Silverstone. Little wonder, then, that Christian Horner should choose racing as a career.

He began as a driver, graduating to Formula Three and Formula 3000, but by the end of the 1990s it became clear that his talents lay in racing team management rather than driving. And how! By 2004 his Arden team won both the drivers’ and constructors’ Formula 3000 titles. His appetite was well and truly whetted and Formula 1 beckoned.

The newly-formed Austrian F1 team Red Bull liked what they saw and recruited him as their head in November 2004. It proved the perfect berth for Christian Horner’s vision and ambitions. A first podium followed at Monaco in 2006. Soon, with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber driving, the technical problems were ironed out and the wins started rolling in. Such was the domination of Horner’s Red Bull outfit, they won four consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ world titles between 2010 and 2013, with Sebastian Vettel champion each time: an unparalleled achievement for a team, and a team boss, so new on the scene. 

Red Bull under Horner remains a major player, still challenging for more success this year at the pinnacle of the fastest sport on earth. Christian Horner would bring all the attributes of his unique vision and motivation as a celebrity sports speaker to your event.

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