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Chloe Colliver technology speaker

Chloe Colliver

Chloe Colliver is the Head of Digital Research and Policy at ISD, leading a global team of analysts studying disinformation and extremism online.

Chloe has led programmes of work detecting and responding to online manipulation targeting the German, European Parliamentary, UK, Swedish and US Elections. Based on this research, Chloe advises governments and technology companies on responses to online harms from state and non-state networks.

In this advisory capacity, Chloe has worked on the development of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism with Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Google, and has provided expert testimony to the UK Home Affairs Select Committee, the Swedish, New Zealand, Canadian, French and German governments, the International Grand Committee on Disinformation and the Global Counter Terrorism Forum on digital policy and tech regulation.

Chloe is the perfect keynote speaker for events focusing on disinformation, technology and digital policy, fake news and extremism. She is also a frequent media contributor on topics relating to disinformation and technology policy, and has appeared on CNN, BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 and contributed to work in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired and Bloomberg.

Chloe is a Yale Mellon Fellow and sits on the Advisory Board for Accountable Tech. She is the    co-author of ISD reports Spin Cycle: Information Laundering on Facebook, Developing a Civil Society Response to Online Manipulation, The 101 of Disinformation Detection, Click Here For Outrage: Disinformation in the European Parliamentary Elections 2019, The First 100 Days: Coronavirus and Crisis Management on Social Media Platforms, and Hoodwinked: Coordinated Inauthentic  Behaviour on Facebook.

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