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Barra Fitzgibbon TV voice over, MC and event host

Barra Fitzgibbon

One of the most distinctive voices in television, Barra Fitzgibbon was the Irish guy who says filum on Channel 4. Bringing personality to continuity, Barra revolutionised the art of the TV announcer, embedding his voice in the consciousness of the Channel 4 brand.

 Major names like Guinness, OK magazine, Paco Rabanne, 20th Century Fox and Kerry Gold Butter have come knocking for Barra’s services as a voice artist and Sony Pictures have used his voice and rapport with the Channel 4 audience for a unique film commercial.  Little did the boy from Dublin know that one day he would be tangling with Tom Hardy and Venom in the name of TV trans-platform promotion.

Barra is an accomplished event host, from the Richard and Judy Book Awards to the carnivorous fiesta that is Meatopia at The Open Gate Guinness Brewery in Dublin.

 Always looking to push the boundaries, Barra was featured on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Many are still trying to erase from their memory, that scene featuring spray tan and a thong, so if you want a man to help produce unforgettable television, look no further.

Channel 4 Showreel

Event Hosting


What makes Barra stand out is his attention to detail, his humanity and his ability to bring guests and audience into his comfortable world where they feel good about themselves and can share their thoughts and feelings in the most natural way. Barra is a true professional… does his research rigorously and uses this knowledge to make guests feel important but also allows him to engage in a natural unforced conversation on stage and on screen.

His natural inquisitiveness, his intellect and his passion for life shines through and allows him to facilitate guests sharing amazing in depth stories of their lives.

His quick witted nature welcomes the audience into the conversation and allows us to feel we have been part of an amazing conversation.

I love working with Barra … he reacts brilliantly under pressure and when things change last minute, nothing fazes him and his smile and wonderful personality always shine through.

Declan Hassett, Senior Licensing Manager - Guinness

Barra has an enviable ability to put you instantly at ease. His warmth, body language & tone all serve this affable host, drawing the audience in closer.  It’s a unique, unwritten recipe; part knowledge, part enquiry plus a dash of wicked Irish charm.

Natalie Seldon, Food Writer, Author & Stylist

Not only does Barra make presenting look easy, but he creates an environment where everyone is at ease while also being entertained.

Steve Ryan, Brewer, Photographer and Editor of Root and Bone Magazine

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