Phil Gayle is an experienced voiceover artist, familiar to Radio and TV audiences for many years, through his work at BBC, ITV and Channel 4. 

Phil can be heard making the in-flight announcements on easyJet and has worked across a range of genres. He presents on BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends and has regularly appeared on BBC Radio 2 and 5 Live.

His deep, rich tones offer authority and warmth, but can also deliver passion and drama and he is now branching out into working as an actor on video games.


Perfect for commercial work, Phil is also ideal for documentary and book narration.


 With his track record presenting news programmes on ITV and Channel 4 and his appearances on BBC shows like Crimewatch, you’re getting a voice which is trusted and familiar.


Phil Gayle - Corporate
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Phil Gayle - Enticing
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Commercial warm

Phil Gayle - Commercial warm
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Commercial upbeat

Phil Gayle - Commercial upbeat
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Phil Gayle - Documentary/narration
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Video games

Phil Gayle - Video games
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