Top 10 Facilitators for conferences and events

Facilitating is an art form – the ability to listen and bring out the best from the panellists, guests and contributors taking part in a discussion, while adding extra value using your expertise and on-stage presence.

A Facilitator – also often known as a Moderator – works as the enabler, allowing the people taking part to be the stars of the show, allowing room for the conversation to flow, but also keeping an eye on timings and gently reining in any contributors who are going over time. The facilitator also knows how to work an audience, with a warm and engaging introduction and, where appropriate, the ability to bring in the audience who can offer their own questions and observations during a Q&A.

Here are ten of the best Facilitators on our books:

Shiulie Ghosh presenter and event moderator

Shiulie Ghosh has enjoyed a distinguished career presenting programmes for a series of major broadcasters – BBC, ITV, Al Jazeera and TRT World. As a facilitator, clients are able to benefit from Shiulie’s experience presenting live programmes, interviewing world leaders and navigating the ebb and flow of debates, discussions and panels. Clients sometimes consider using an in-house facilitator or moderator, but this testimonial for Shiulie demonstrates the extra value she can bring:

“Shiulie Ghosh brought an element of professionalism to our event that immediately raised its profile. With little preparation, she efficiently ran the show with both grace and authority.”

Many of our clients are from the worlds of business and finance and BBC Business Presenter and Correspondent Katie Prescott is the perfect facilitator for the industrial sector. As a regular Presenter of the Business News on Radio 4’s Today programmes, Katie’s voice is known to millions of listeners, including many of the UK’s leading decision makers.

Hiring Katie as your facilitator of moderator, brings profile and prestige to your event. drawing on the expertise of a host who is at the top of her game and fully immersed in the major issues and challenges facing UK and global industry leaders.

Katie Prescott Presenter, event moderator and keynote speaker, event host and MC
Polly Middlehurst event host, TV presenter and event moderator

People love working with Polly Middlehurst. Here’s just one testimonial from H+K Strategies:

“Working with Polly and Riva Media was really easy. Polly’s experience as a broadcaster was clear to see through her unflappable professionalism and good sense of humour.” A facilitator has to be a team player, bringing out the best from those around them. Polly’s experience of the teamwork required when presenting thousands of shows for Sky News is a huge asset. Polly also facilitates workshops and is an engaging host and moderator for every occasion, particularly in the corporate and financial world:

David Foster is one of the most experienced international news presenters and has been the facilitator and moderator for events featuring the likes of Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and the Emir of Qatar.

David hosts the flagship Roundtable programme for TRT, featuring debate, discussion and conversations about the major issues our time and is able to transfer his skills as a facilitator for TV to major events and conferences, where he adds star quality with wider audience and MC skills. David has also presented many business news programmes and brings great expertise as a financial facilitator:

David Foster, TV presenter, keynote speaker, Event host and MC
Danni Hewson presenter

Many of the UK’s business bosses start their day by listening to the BBC business and finance programme Wake Up To Money. This is where Danni Hewson made her name. As a facilitator, Danni is able to bring interviewing and moderating skills, honed from many years interviewing industry figures from large, medium and small businesses.

The Institute of Directors have applauded Danni’s ability as a facilitator, “keeping the evening on track while adding valuable insights drawn from her experience as a business journalist,” while the Northern Powerhouse Partnership described Danni as a “knowledgable, engaging and confident host, with an in-depth understanding of a wide range of different themes and policy areas.” Danni is now a Financial Analyst at the Investment company AJ Bell and brings a depth of financial and economic expertise as business moderator.

Samantha Johnson is an International Sports anchor for TRT World, featured in the PowerList ‘Top 20 of Britain’s Most Influential People Under 40’ for her achievements in the media.

Samantha is regularly in demand for event work as a facilitator and moderator. She has chaired and featured on panels at the House of Commons, Wembley Stadium and the Etihad, as well as countless universities and schools throughout the UK and Turkey.

Samantha’s work as a facilitator received this compliment from former Chelsea and Juventus forward Eniola Aluko: I was so grateful to Samantha for how well researched, diligent, informed and caring she was about my work, which meant the Q&A element of the event was so powerful.”

Samantha Johnson presenter and event host
Chloe Tilley Presenter, moderator and event host

Chloe Tilley is a two-time Sony award-winning presenter, with over 15 years of experience presenting live news programmes for BBC Television and Radio. Chloe is accustomed to hosting debates and discussions for the BBC and brings these skills to the events she hosts as a facilitator and moderator. Her hosting of a Roundtable discussion on U.S. Politics was described by BBC World Service Controller Mary Hockaday as; “Thoughtful, full of a real range of views but no shouting! Chloe wove it all together with real skill.” Chloe has also hosted The Victoria Derbyshire Show on the BBC, where the ability to listen and lead discussions is paramount:

Andrew Wilson is a regular at the annual World Economic Forum gathering in Davos. After many years as television news anchor and an award winning foreign correspondent, Andrew brings experience, authority and credibility to his work as a facilitator.

Clients value his skills as a Moderator and interviewer, able to drawing out the best from panellists and guests. Andrew is also an experienced media trainer and can work as a facilitator on workshops providing clients and employees with communication and media presentation skills.

Andrew Wilson TV presenter, event moderator, keynote speaker, event host and MC

Climate change and sustainability are among the biggest issues of our age and Carl Nasman is a specialist. Carl was hired by NBC because of his environmental credentials and won plaudits for his coverage of the impact of COVID on climate change. A TV news anchor and correspondent with more than a decade of experience in television news, Carl’s interviewing and hosting skills make him the perfect facilitator for events and conferences focusing on climate change and sustainability.

Carl is also a technology and social media specialist, well placed to be a facilitator for virtual events, having presented Facebook Live coverage of breaking news and special events and developed DW’s first IGTV news video series, Portrait Mode.

Helena Humphrey is a multilingual international news anchor and correspondent who has spent the past year covering major stories like the COVID pandemic and Black Lives Matter for NBC. Helena has reported from across Europe, Africa and Asia and worked as a humanitarian aid worker during the world’s largest Ebola outbreak.

As a facilitator she brings insight, authenticity and empathy when hosting discussions about some of the most important issues of our time. Helena is also an experienced facilitator and moderator for virtual events, having hosted google hangouts and other discussions for NBC. Her expertise on U.S. affairs is backed by stints as a Washington Correspondent for DW, covering the Special Counsel investigation, US-Iran tensions, immigration, reproductive rights issues and many other stories.

Helena Humphrey presenter and event host

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