Helena Humphrey and Carl Nasman wedding picture

2020 has been a tough year, but it got off to a flying start when I starting working with Helena Humphrey and Carl Nasman.

Helena has reported on major stories across the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa and worked as an anchor for DW’s international news service based in Berlin. She has also worked as a Communications Officer for the United Nations and spokesperson for the Red Cross.

Carl is an innovator. As a senior correspondent for DW’s digital video team, he produced social-first stories that explain the trends behind the news and as a reporter for the digital series “Follow the Hashtag”, he was nominated for a European Digital Media Award. He also became an anchor at DW, hosting primetime shows including The Day, which airs on PBS in the US and partner stations around the globe.

In the early months of 2020 we were delighted when Helena and Carl were signed to work for NBC. Both have been busy reporting on the tumultuous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter story. Helena has been based in the UK and Carl was initially based in Berlin, before he also moved to London.

You’ll be sensing the symmetry here and many of you will already know that Helena and Carl are couple. In August we were delighted when they’d got married in Gibraltar – the culmination of a romance and relationship that’s cherished by friends and family alike.

These are, however, uncertain times at NBC. In the current adverse climate, Comcast was forced to cancel its plans for the NBC Sky World News channel, but we’re optimistic that opportunity will knock again for Helena and Carl, either within NBC or elsewhere.

They have formidable track records in Correspondent and Anchor roles, alongside other talents. Carl is a specialist in climate change and sustainability and is well placed to work as a conference and event host, moderator and keynote speaker covering issues relating to digital disruption, social media and technology.

Helena’s diverse, international background ensures that as a conference and event host and moderator, she brings insight, authenticity and empathy to the most pressing issues of our time and as a voice artist and narrator, her delivery and credibility are enormous assets for documentary and audio work.

No one knows what lies ahead but talent and tenacity have a knack of winning through.