How to Find and Hire the Best Diversity Speakers for Your Event?

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords, they are essential for any organisation that wants to thrive in the 21st century. Research shows that diverse teams

Ayo Sokale keynote speaker at EEMUA awards

 are more creative, innovative, productive and profitable than homogeneous ones. But how do you foster a culture of diversity and inclusion in your workplace? One way is to invite inspiring and influential diversity speakers to share their stories, insights and perspectives with your employees, clients or partners.

Diversity speakers are experts who can speak on topics such as race, gender, sexuality, disability, culture, religion and more. They can help you raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, celebrate differences and promote positive change. They can also motivate, educate and entertain your audience with their personal and professional experiences.

But how do you find and hire the best diversity speakers for your event? Here are some tips to help you:

  • Define your goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve with your event? What message do you want to convey? What impact do you want to have on your audience? These questions will help you narrow down your search and select the speakers who align with your vision and values.

  • Do your research. There are many platforms and agencies that can help you find diversity speakers for your event. For example, Riva Media is a leading keynote speaker agency that specialises in diversity and inclusion. We have a curated roster of over 30 diversity speakers from different backgrounds, industries and sectors. You can read their bios, watch their videos and request a quote.

  • Contact us. Once you have a shortlist of potential speakers, you can contact us to check their availability, fees and requirements. You also need to communicate your expectations, such as the format, duration, audience size and profile of your event. You can also ask for references or testimonials from previous clients to confirm their credibility and quality.

  • Book early. Diversity speakers are in high demand, especially during certain months or occasions, such as Black History Month, International Women’s Day or Pride Month. Therefore, it is advisable to book them as early as possible to secure their services and avoid disappointment.

  • Prepare for the event. After you have confirmed the booking, you need to prepare for the event. You should send the speakers a brief with all the relevant information about your event, such as the date, time, venue, agenda, theme and objectives. You should also provide them with any technical or logistical support they may need, such as equipment, travel arrangements or accommodation. You should also promote the event to your audience and generate interest and excitement.

  • Follow up after the event. After the event, you should thank the speakers for their participation and feedback on their performance. You should also ask your audience for their feedback and measure the outcomes of the event. You should also share the highlights of the event on your social media channels or website and tag the speakers.

To give you some inspiration, here are some of the best diversity speakers that Riva Media can offer for your event:

Ayo Sokale Civil engineer, BBC Presenter, keynote speaker

Ayo Sokale: Ayo is a civil engineer, environmentalist and activist who works on projects that tackle climate change and social inequality. Ayo is a renowned Chartered Civil engineer, a distinguished keynote speaker, motivational speaker, STEM speaker, and sustainability speaker. She is widely recognised as one of the fastest engineers to achieve Chartered status.

With an extensive background in delivering flood risk management projects, managing teams, supervising engineers, and influencing policy through key committees, Ayo is a dedicated advocate for engineering and sustainability.

Phil Gayle: Phil is a journalist and broadcaster who has worked for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and now DW. Phil’s talents extend to working as an emcee, moderator and event host.

He hosted a United Nations Climate Change Conference and his specialist areas include climate change, the environment, diversity, international affairs, Brexit, media and digital disruption.

Phil Gayle presenter and voice over artist
Karishma Vaswani award-winning journalist and broadcaster

Karishma Vaswani: Karishma is an award-winning television presenter, broadcaster and thought leader. Karishma worked for the BBC across Asia and South Asia for two decades and is now at Bloomberg Opinion covering the economic, political and social stories from across Asia.

She is also an award-winning journalist who has reported from India, Indonesia, Singapore and China.

She speaks on topics such as globalisation, trade wars, emerging markets and Asian identity.

Afua Hagan: Afua is is one of the leading voices on diversity in Britain. She is a distinguished Commentator on the British Royal Family, featuring on UK and international outlets.

Afua also appears on STV, Yanga! TV, LBC, Times Radio and talkRADIO and has been honoured for her work in Broadcasting by the Black Women in Business Awards. Afua is an excellent Diversity and Inclusion Keynote Speaker and Moderator.

Afua Hagan TV & Radio Presenter,
Sonya Barlow keynote speaker

Sonya Barlow: Sonya is a BBC presenter, tech entrepreneur, author and speaker who empowers women and underrepresented groups in STEM fields. She is the founder of Like Minded Females (LMF), a social enterprise that provides mentoring, workshops and events for women in tech. She speaks on topics such as digital skills, innovation, entrepreneurship and inclusion.

Bridgid Nzekwu: Bridgid is a former Channel 4 News presenter who now works as a media trainer and coach for executives, politicians and celebrities.

She is also a diversity advocate who champions the representation of women and ethnic minorities in the media.

She speaks on topics such as leadership, communication, confidence and visibility.

Bridgid Nzekwu TV Presenter, Event Moderator, Event Host and MC
TV and Radio Presenter Swarzy Macaly

Swarzy Macaly: Swarzy is a radio presenter, podcast host and speaker who presents BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Weekend Breakfast Show every Saturday morning and was previously at KISS FM.

She is also a diversity champion who promotes the voices and stories of young people, especially those from marginalised communities.

She speaks on topics such as youth culture, social media, mental health and inclusion.

Juliette Foster: Juliette is a former Business Presenter for BBC, Sky and Bloomberg, who now works as a moderator, facilitator and speaker for global events.

She is also a diversity leader who supports the advancement of women and ethnic minorities in the media and business sectors.

She speaks on topics such as geopolitics, economics, finance and diversity.

Juliette Foster, TV presenter, event host and moderator
Emmanuelle Lhoni

Emmanuelle Lhoni: Emmanuelle is one of the youngest weather presenters at the BBC. Emmanuelle presents the BBC weather for the North of England, across four television stations and a network of radio stations.

Her journalistic work has been broadcast across the regional programme BBC North West Tonight, BBC Stories and the BBC World Service (BBC Africa, BBC Minute and BBC Afrique).

Haddy Ndure: Haddy is much in demand for conference and other event host work, as a Moderator,  Diversity and Inclusion Keynote Speaker and Motivational and Inspirational Speaker.

She has hosted and moderated conferences on maternal mortality among black women and delivered key-note speeches on diversity and inclusion at UK Universities. She has been invited to deliver speeches at the East of England Africa Business Forum, UNECA conferences and the Africa Business Chamber’s Young Entrepreneurs Forum

Haddy Ndure News Anchor, Presenter, Event Host, Moderator, Keynote Speaker, Diversity

These are just some of the amazing diversity speakers that Riva Media can offer for your event.

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