How to Choose the Best Politics Speaker for Your Event

If you are planning an event that requires a politics speaker, you might be wondering how to find the best one for your audience, budget and objectives. Alastair Campbell political keynote speaker

Politics speakers can offer valuable insights, perspectives and analysis on current affairs, global issues, leadership, democracy and more.

They can also inspire, challenge and entertain your audience with their stories, anecdotes and humour. But how do you choose the best politics speaker for your event? Here are some tips to help you:

    1. Define your event goals and audience needs. What is the purpose of your event and what do you want your audience to learn, feel or do after listening to the speaker? Who is your audience and what are their interests, expectations and preferences? How familiar are they with the topic and the speaker?
    1. Research the speaker’s background, expertise and style. What are the speaker’s credentials, experience and reputation in the field of politics? What are their main messages, arguments and opinions? How do they deliver their speeches: formal or informal, academic or conversational, serious or humorous, etc.? How do they interact with the audience: do they take questions, use polls, tell stories, etc?
    1. Watch the speaker’s previous speeches or videos. The best way to get a sense of the speaker’s quality and suitability is to watch them in action. You can find videos of their previous speeches on our website. Pay attention to their content, delivery, tone, pace, body language and audience engagement. Do they captivate, inform and persuade the audience? Do they use visuals, props or other aids effectively?
    1. Check the speaker’s availability, fees and requirements. Once you have a shortlist of potential speakers, contact us to check their availability for your event date and time. Ask about their technical and logistical requirements (e.g., microphone, projector, stage size, etc.) and any special requests or preferences they have.
    1. Review the speaker’s testimonials and references. Another way to assess the speaker’s reputation and performance is to read their testimonials and reviews from previous clients and audiences. You can find these on our website.

To help you with your search, here are 10 politics speakers from Riva Media that you can consider for your event:

Laura Kuenssberg political presenter, moderator and keynote speaker

Laura Kuenssberg: Laura Kuenssberg is a multi-award-winning political journalist, presenter, and podcast host.

She is the BBC’s chief political editor and the presenter of Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, where she interviews Britain’s most influential politicians.

She has also written and presented documentaries on Brexit and other political issues

William Hague: William Hague is a former British politician and diplomat who held several senior roles in the government, including First Secretary of State, Foreign Secretary, Leader of the Opposition, and Leader of the House of Commons.

He is now a keynote speaker, author, and adviser on global affairs, leadership, and Brexit.

He is also the co-chair of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation and the chairman of the Royal Foundation for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

William Hague politician and keynote speaker
Alastair Campbell political keynote speaker

Alastair Campbell: Alastair Campbell is a former journalist, broadcaster, and political strategist who served as Tony Blair’s spokesman, press secretary, and director of communications and strategy. He is best known for his role in shaping New Labour and the UK’s involvement in the Iraq War.

He is now a bestselling author, documentary maker, mental health campaigner, and podcaster.

He co-hosts The Rest is Politics with Rory Stewart and also appears regularly on Good Morning Britain and other media outlets

Ed Balls: Ed Balls is a former politician, economist, and academic who served as the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. He is now a broadcaster, author, and consultant who presents ITV’s Good Morning Britain and a weekly podcast Political Currency with George Osborne. He is also a professor of political economy at King’s College London and a research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School. He has been nominated twice for a BAFTA for his appearances on Strictly Come Dancing and the ITV News General Election team

Ed Balls politics keynote speaker
Helle Thorning-Schmidt political keynote speaker

Helle Thorning-Schmidt: Helle Thorning-Schmidt is a former Danish politician who made history as the first female prime minister of Denmark and the first female leader of the Social Democrats. She led a coalition government from 2011 to 2015 and implemented a range of progressive reforms.

She is now a keynote speaker, board member, and adviser on European and global issues. She is also the chair of Goldman Sachs International and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Sir Craig Oliver: Sir Craig Oliver is a former journalist, broadcaster, and political adviser who served as the director of politics and communications for Prime Minister David Cameron. He was responsible for the government’s strategy, messaging, and campaigns, including the 2015 General Election and the Brexit Referendum. He wrote a bestselling book about his experience, Unleashing Demons, which inspired the Channel 4 drama Brexit: The Uncivil War. He is now a partner at Finsbury Glover Hering, a global CEO advisory firm, and a keynote speaker, moderator, and host for events

Sir Craig Oliver keynote speaker
José Manuel Barroso politics speaker

José Manuel Barroso: José Manuel Barroso is a former Portuguese politician and European leader who served as the prime minister of Portugal and the president of the European Commission.

He played a key role in the EU’s enlargement, integration, and response to the financial crisis. He received the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the EU in 2012. He is now a non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International, a visiting professor at several universities, and a keynote speaker on global affairs, politics, and economics. He is also the chair of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Shehab Khan: Shehab Khan is a rising star in political journalism and broadcasting. He is a political correspondent and presenter for ITV News, where he covers the biggest stories in UK and global politics. He has interviewed world leaders and senior politicians and has reported from Westminster and abroad. He is also a co-presenter of the ITV News podcast Calling Peston and a popular TikTok influencer. He started his career as a staff reporter at The Independent and has won several awards for his work

Shehab Khan Moderator, Event MC, Keynote Speaker
Guy Verhofstadt keynote speaker

Guy Verhofstadt: Guy Verhofstadt is a Belgian liberal politician and a passionate advocate of a federal Europe. He served as the prime minister of Belgium from 1999 to 2008 and enacted a range of liberal policies. He has been a member of the European Parliament since 2009 and was the EU’s Brexit coordinator until 2020.

He also led the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe until 2019. He has written several books on European integration and reform, such as The United States of Europe, For Europe, and Europe’s Last Chance

Karishma Vaswani: Karishma Vaswani is a journalist, presenter, and broadcaster with over two decades of experience covering Asia and South Asia. She worked for the BBC as Chief Asia Presenter and is now a writer, broadcaster, and commentator for Bloomberg Opinion, where she covers Asia Pacific and China in particular. She is a multi-platform, multi-skilled, and multi-lingual journalist, who has reported extensively from around Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia. She is in high demand as a keynote speaker, moderator, and event MC.

Karishma Vaswani award-winning journalist and broadcaster

You can find more information about these speakers and their profile pictures on the Riva Media website:

Choosing the best politics speaker for your event can be a daunting task, but Riva Media is here to help and with these tips and suggestions, you can make an informed and confident decision. Remember to define your goals, research your options, watch their videos, check their availability and review their feedback. And don’t forget to book early to secure your preferred speaker and avoid disappointment. Good luck with your event and enjoy the speech!

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