Also known as Facilitators, the job of the Moderator is to get the best out of the panel of experts, interviewees, guests and other contributors taking part in your event. We’ve often hired out news presenters in this role. Interviewing and facilitating is daily part of their working experience. They make it their business to know the subject matter and draw on their live broadcast and editorial experience, keeping to time, making sure everyone has their say and allowing the conversation to  flow and evolve naturally, while still covering all the issues. Fees start at £2000 but this can rise depending on briefing calls and other preparatory work. Our speakers, event hosts and moderators do a lot of work overseas and this requires higher fees.

Our Moderators can also provide value advising you how to frame and stage manage a discussion and when to bring in the different contributors – in effect working as Executive Producers in addition to being the Moderator, if that’s what you want.