Riva Media's production partner is BlackRook Media - a top-of-the-range specialist in broadcast, online and corporate content production.


The Blackrook team have worked with some of the biggest names in broadcasting at ITV News, This Morning, Lorraine, ABC, Sky Living and the Discovery Channel. 


Adidas, Renault Nissan, Jaguar, Samsung and BMW Mini have been among some of its major corporate clients, while the team's track record in broadcasting stretches over three decades. 


BlackRook is able to mobilise bespoke teams for every type of broadcast, online and promotional video production. The BlackRook team has trained journalists and producers in the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Nigeria and Kurdistan. 


Among its biggest achievements is a proven track record setting up and running a major international news channel - and to date better than doubling turn-over in every successive year that it has traded. 


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