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Riva Media is a speakers bureau and talent agency supplying Keynote Speakers, Motivational Speakers and other celebrity speakers, as well as Presenters and Moderators. We offer the best speakers in the worlds of business, entertainment and the media, working as Conference Speakers, Motivational Speakers, Inspirational Speakers, Sports Speakers, After Dinner Speakers and Event Hosts. Hot topics include speakers on diversity, technology and innovation, finance, leadership, sustainability and mental health.

Launched in 2013 Riva Media has worked with major broadcasters in the UK and around the world, supplying talent and running major contracts.

Riva was founded by CEO Harry Gibson who has more than 30 years experience as a Speaker Agent, Talent Manager, Executive Producer and Broadcaster with the BBC, ITN, Global Radio and other leading production houses. Harry and his team specialise in sourcing the world’s best speakers and identifying and developing broadcast talent across a range of genres. His entrepreneurial instincts have also seen Riva Media diversifying into running major hair and makeup contracts, working with the likes of the BBC, NBC, ITN and Alaraby TV.

  • Julie MacDonald event host and MC
  • Juliette Foster, TV presenter, event host and MC
  • Maria Ramos, TV anchor, event moderator, keynote speaker
  • Susannah Streeter, TV presenter, keynote speaker, event moderator, event host and MC
  • Phil Gayle voice over artist
  • Christian Fraser BBC Beyond 100 Days

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